O My Life

‘I got a book, that tells my story
As I look, it’s being written before me..’

I am not in the business of promoting music or musical talent, but several years ago now I came across by chance the singer song-writer Beth Rowley, from way over Bristol direction, and was immediately impressed with her own rendering of her own song ‘O my life’.  Apart from the music and her performance, those lyrics are well worth while noting.  The link below will direct you to the YouTube recording, made several years ago now .

O My Life

It isn’t just me who thinks Beth is good – the critics do also –

Beth Rowley isn’t just soulful, she’s spiritual

The Guardian

Blues singer to rival the greats

The Independent

This girl was born to testify

BBC Music

Beth has come to see her life as a story in a book, currently in the process of being written.  She sees this as a no-holds-barred story. The good, the bad, and the ugly are down there on the page, and some of that which is written Beth says she would like to change.  But then the opinion of her family and friends comes into play – what would be their reaction, she wonders. And that scares her.

Beth and the story of her life is not a new concept.  Others have the same view of this business of life and living.  Dan Allender has written a book he has called, ‘A story worth living’    Anne Fine, on BBC Radio 3 spoke from her own experience, You write a book and then it comes true … as if you are seeing the future in the book.’

Although, as Beth puts it in her song, ‘Tomorrow is out of sight‘  neither this, nor any other aspect of a life-story need generate fear on any front, or for any reason, or cause.  There is no need to fear the future, because a new start is possible, at all way-points of life. And this goes for anyone and everyone.  Beth recognises that the Author of her life story knows all –

I got a book, that tells my story
As I look, it’s being written before me
Word by word and page by page
Everything I’ll ever do, is being displayed

Every word controls my feet
And even tells me when I should speak
Whoever’s writing is on a roll …….

The Author of our story is also the Author of Life, the Creator, and has provided the means for a new start.  That is what Easter Sunday is about.

 see Stranger on the shore

All that remains to be done is to take that story, our story, seriously enough to apply it, and the concept, to our own life and living.

By Howard Sercombe

Living in St Ives Cambridgeshire UK. An attractive place to live is St Ives, so although Myra (my wife) and I travel elsewhere regularly, within the UK and beyond, we are always pleased to return home. This site provides a glimpse into these trips - should you be interested enough to read and to look.
Myra and I have two daughters, each married to a good man, and two grandchildren, who are - of course - the world's best grandchildren. Sorry about yours.

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