The ‘best life’ is not related to bank balance.

May this year 2021 not be just another year, but a New Year.  A year in which we discover that

‘ … there is nothing good for man except to be happy and live the best life he can while he is alive.’ *

How you go about living the best life is another matter and another question …..


Since these words above were posted, Time has flowed on, and we are now more than 25% (and counting. Thinks – for how long is a year deemed ‘New’?) into this ‘New’ Year.  So – how is this year going with you?

More important, how are you getting on with the business of ‘living the best life’?

At risk of being misleading, there is no full, all-embracing answer to that implied question on How you go about living the best life. This is where personal opinion comes into play, as well as personal taste and inclination. But there are some factors in common within and amongst people.  First – what the best life is not.

It is not related to bank balance.  Plenty of people there are who are not wealthy in the usual sense of that term, but who have found a quality of life that is beyond the reach of money.  Sorry if that sounds cliché.   As Dr Murray Banks has said in a different context, but on a related theme, ‘If you marry for money, then the most that can be said is, you will be miserable in comfort.’ 

Whilst it is important to have material means of support in life and living, this alone will not bring happiness.  Intangible assets need to be in play. 

The above quotation – ‘ … there is nothing good for man except to be happy and live the best life he can while he is alive.’  comes from an ancient writer, and is the first of three worth noting.  The other two –

            *So I saw that there is nothing better than that a man should enjoy his work, since that  is his lot.

            *Better one hand full and peace of mind, than both fists full and toil that is chasing the wind.

My interpretation of these quotations goes like this : make the best of what you have, because to only and always be bending effort towards what you have not – and may never have – is like chasing wind.

This doesn’t mean to live without aims and ambitions and goals.  Just make sure these are reasonable, and worthy, and worthwhile, to yourself and others you care about.

In pursuit of living the best life ,  don’t forget that we as people are a package deal.  We are not all BODY, and we are not all MIND/INTELLECT, so don’t leave out the SPIRITAL/EMOTIONAL side of our makeup. 

That third component of us does have an effect upon how we live and feel about life and living.

* Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3, verses 12 & 22 chapter 4:6

The Writer tends to be cynical in places, so your filter needs to be on to sieve out the best bits.

By Howard Sercombe

Living in St Ives Cambridgeshire UK. An attractive place to live is St Ives, so although Myra (my wife) and I travel elsewhere regularly, within the UK and beyond, we are always pleased to return home. This site provides a glimpse into these trips - should you be interested enough to read and to look.
Myra and I have two daughters, each married to a good man, and two grandchildren, who are - of course - the world's best grandchildren. Sorry about yours.

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